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I’m quitting blogging

I don’t really like writing a blog. It feels like I’m back in college just trying to get to a certain page count and everything I could possibly share has been done, and better, than I can provide.

Many other bloggers are light-years ahead of me in the travel blogging space and there are some clear winners that consistently provide valuable content on a regular basis. There are already many subject-matter experts on specific destinations.

I know it takes years to build a blog’s audience and that you should be as specific as possible by finding a niche and being the expert in that niche. That’s the goal of blogging–becoming the expert in a niche. That’s probably where I fucked up with this domain. I’m not an expert in any niche, but rather, a generic blog of my own travels.

I’ve learned that’s not very interesting to most readers.

It’s not that I’m giving up blogging. I just don’t enjoy writing one as much as I thought I would. I still see tremendous value in blogs and I still have a passion for travelling and helping others learn about new places.

That is why I’m taking this blog into a new direction.

When I research a new destination, I inevitably land on a blog providing all the information I need to know. Good places to stay, activities in the area, best places to eat. Literally everything. There’s already amazing blogs on seemingly every place, which is incredible to have this information at our fingertips.

It’s as easy as searching “best things to do in _____” and you’ll find a high quality blog with everything you could want to know about that place.

I want to provide some of the best content out there by compiling my favorites and placing them on the map at the top of the homepage.

This will make it easier to research new destinations by established experts in those areas.

So going forward, I’m changing this website and my role from travel blog writer to travel blog editor-in-chief.

Just some guy curating good content rather than providing my own mediocre viewpoint. (Ok, maybe on occasion I’ll add my $.02)

The reason is simple. I just want to share high-quality content by showcasing bloggers who’ve already “been there and done that.”

I still want to keep a personal blog with my namesake so I’m in the process of migrating all my articles to https://thatnickgrant.com where I may start writing about personal things on occasion.

That’s it! I hope to make this webpage more useful to fellow travellers who want to learn about everyone’s favorite destinations!

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