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6 Things to See in Ubud, Bali

Leaving the lonely Canggu villa, I arrived in Ubud to a more socialable hostel environment.

Spending some time around like-minded travellers energized my spirit more than I received from the Canggu villa digital nomad life.

I thoroughly enjoyed Ubud and has been one of my favorite places in Bali so far.

I would recommend that you go.

The town is extremely walk-able with many tourist attractions close by.

  1. Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary

The town is infamous for the Money Forest Sanctuary that terrorize any tourist that looks them in the eye or has any food with them.

It’s quite hilarious until it happens to you!

The monkeys were actually quite docile when I went but others didn’t have the same experience as I did!

Perhaps they were provoking the monkeys, I don’t know! A few people I met got bitten and one had to get rounds of Rabies vaccines totaling $4000 USD.

Check it out for yourself, at your own risk.

 2. Sepumkul Waterfall

I rented a scooter to go up visit a waterfall up in Northern Bali that was recommended from another traveller and it did not disappoint.

Definitely my best day in Bali so far because if there’s one thing I’ve learned from travelling is that you always trust the traveller’s word-of-mouth.

It’s 2 hour scooter ride North of Ubud but it was a spectacular journey the entire way up.

I stopped for lunch just next to the waterfalls called Warung Fiji and I would recommend eating here to any other traveller.

It’s not the food but the views of the rice terraces are insane! Just see for yourself.

Warung Fiji

Warung Fiji

The waterfalls were equally stunning.

I got some fantastic photographs that are on my Instagram (@thatnickgrant and @travellers_atlas)

I would recommend making the journey. It was a long day but fantastic to behold.

3. Tegallalang Rice Terrace

One of the best rice terraces in Bali.

I woke up early to catch the sunrise there and take some pictures and it was the right choice.

Simply stunning and I dodged the days crowds and got some of the best light of the day.

There are tens (probably hundreds) of different cafes to go to should you choose to go during the day, all overlooking the terraces.

You could make a whole day out of just walking around here.

Highly recommended.

Hot Spring Temple

4. Belulang Hot Springs Temple

Part of an organized tour or you can just visit yourself, the Hot Springs temple is great from what I heard.

You can bathe in the hot spring for free as part of the tour. I didn’t do the tour but this is one of the most notable things to do in the area and one of 4 sites on the organized tour.

Mount Batur Sunrise

If you want this exact picture, go do the Mount Batur sunrise hike

5. Hike Mount Batur for Sunrise

Another thing I didn’t do but met some other travellers who did, was wake up at 2AM to hike up Mount Batur Volcano for sunrise.

They really enjoyed it and I would have done this but couldn’t find the energy to wake up that early.

I saw some great pictures from the top, this one was one the things I wish I would have done in Ubud if I had stayed one more day.

6. Tegenung Waterfall

Another stop on the full day organized tour which I didn’t do, this waterfall looks amazing in pictures but I’m sure it’s packed full of tourists trying to get the perfect picture. I would recommend doing the tour where this stop would be included.

Closing Thoughts

That’s pretty much it for Ubud. I found the lack of nightlife a negative for me but I’m sure you could find places that are open late for a party. Ubud is a more relaxed and chill pace as opposed to Canggu, Seminyak, Kuta or Uluwatu which seem to have parties going on at every hour of the day or night. Ubud is also popular for yoga retreats if that’s your thing. I only stayed here 3 nights but I could have stayed an extra day at least to see it all.

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